Priority Action Matrix: Manage Your Focus, Not Your Time (+ Free Template)

Accomplishing important goals isn't about managing time, it's about managing focus. The more you focus on your goals and tasks, the faster you will take action to complete them. The world abounds with stimulating distractions, and it’s easy to lose yourself in a labyrinth of ineffective activities, projects, and directions if you aren't focusing on what's important. 

We created this Priority Action Matrix to help you easily decipher between the importance and urgency of your goals. You can print this matrix for free and start prioritizing your to-do list items, goals, and projects immediately.  

The amateur spends time on anything that catches his attention, but the pro circulates time to everything that aligns with her dreams. Focus on the important things that help move you toward your dreams, and your dreams will come to life and kiss you on your rosy cheeks. 

Priority Action Matrix-

Download the Priority Action Matrix Print Out

How to Use the Priority Action Matrix Template

To use the priority action matrix, categorize your actions according to their impact (not important, handy, important) and their urgency. Simply download the free template and write them in, or create your own matrix in your notebook. You can use this matrix to prioritize anything, including goals, to-do list items, projects, business ventures, home chores, errands, and even your tinder dates. ;)

Each square in the matrix is ranked in terms of urgency:

Urgent + Important = Do Immediately

These are the most impactful actions you can take to move towards your goals. This is the area you should focus on over anything else, period. This is where Skid the Unisquid and all of the Rage Creating astronauts hang out.

Not Urgent + Important = Schedule Out

These are things that are important to do, but don’t necessarily need to be done anytime soon. These tasks are great to add to your Batch Action sheets. Schedule a time to work on them throughout your weeks when all of your important urgent tasks are already completed.

Urgent + Not Important = Automate or Delegate

These are often disruptive tasks that can feel chaotic or unexpected. Do you ever feel like you are “putting out fires?” Well, although sometimes these items can be urgent, they are easily delegated to others or automated with software or virtual assistants. If you have to do them yourself, try and complete them after you finish your other urgent and important actions.

Not Urgent + Not Important = Eliminate or Ignore Completely

Sometimes it’s easy to focus on these types of tasks because they are simple and make us feel like we are accomplishing something, but they are usually just resistance gremlins in disguise that will keep you from your goals. Be wary of these low-hanging fruit.


If you are having a tough time deciphering what is or isn’t important, you can slap them into the handy boxes based on their urgency. If urgent, try to group them into completion after your important + urgent tasks. If not urgent, feel free to schedule them out throughout your week, delegate them, or automate them with technology.

Again, the priority action matrix process helps create clarity on what projects, tasks, or to-do list items you should be working on first. When you get the important stuff done first, you set yourself up for less stress and more parties, capiche?

Catch you on the flip side...

Priority Action Matrix-

Download the Priority Action Matrix Print Out

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