Cut the Woo-Manifest in Real Life

You're real! Keep it that way with grounded sweet-ass affirmation cards!

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Are you sick of wishy-washy manifestation? We got your back!

Sweet-Ass Affirmations

Designed to Boost Your Creative Mind!


Just like you! Because you don't need to believe in angels, magic numbers, or messages from "the Universe"!


Because you're not either! So embrace that sarcastic resting face of yours! And never apologize for who you are!


Just like you were as a kid! Remember that kick-ass attitude you used to have? It's about time you brought it back!

Perfect for You and Your Loved Ones

Great Conversation Starters

Share these cards with family, friends, lovers, and strangers and watch the smiles unfold!

Creative Gifts

Don't you hate the struggle of finding fun, creative, quirky gifts that are actually meaningful? Now you can escape that!

Connection Builders

We can brag a bit, can't we? A lot of our customers say that they use it to connect with their partners and bond over how fun, yet real, they are. Just like their relationships. You in?

Affirmations on Front. Motivation on Back

Affirm Your Badassary

The affirmations on the front of each card will help you affirm the fear-destroying badass that you are.

Motivational Crack

The addictive motivational bursts on the back of each card will help merge your creative mind with your affirmations.

Hidden Games!

We've hidden a gremlin on each card. Can you find them before they find you?

Just so you know we mean business, we created this quirky-ass video! Enjoy!

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