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Inspiration that isn't boring as f*ck...

The Sweet Ass Domination Deck

62 hilarious, unfiltered cards packed with bursts of motivation to help you: 

  • Make decisions in every moment that align with your goals, visions, and dreams.
  • Dominate the fear and resistance gremlins that try to attack your progress.
  • Turn your shitty day into a glorious smile-fest in 10 seconds or less.
  • Unleash the creative maniac that you were born to be.

Affirmations don't have to be woo-woo bullshit...

You don't have to read 100 books and watch cheesy webinars just to beef up your motivation muscles...

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The bonus pack includes:

  • Sweet Ass Rage Create desktop wallpaper.
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  • Extended motivation for your maniac creative mind, an ebook of humor, motivation, and unfiltered life advice.

In Memory of Ryan Banks

Your money is on its way to change lives! :)

10% of all net proceeds from every deck pre-ordered during the kickstarter campaign (and sold after) will be donated to help fund The Ryan Banks Academy in Chicago, IL. RBA will be Chicago’s first boarding school for inner city youth, and will be named in honor of a Chicago student who was a victim to gun violence at the age of 12 - a former student of our visionary friend and founder of RBA, Valerie Groth. Learn more at RyanBanksAcademy.org

Hidden Gremlins! - Each card has a gremlin hiding on it somewhere. Can you find them before they find you? :)

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